Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pen to Paper Challenge #3

Pear Tree Greetings

I absolutely love Pear Tree Greetings!  I was given the chance to participate in the Pen To Paper Challenge by writing to someone dear to me and also giving them a chance to pay it forward.  This week I chose to write to my mother.  She is the most inspirational writer that I know.  She actually has a notebook where she writes quotes and actual letters to people before she writes a letter to that person.  She has a beautiful way of expressing herself and she can use this notebook to remember what she wrote to someone so it will give her more ideas of how she can bless someone with her words.  I am so privileged to be the recipient of many of her heartfelt letters.  I always save and treasure them.  I'm not as gifted in writing as my mother, but I wrote her a precious thank you note of all the ways she has strengthened me by being my mother.  I always look forward to receiving her cards and I know I should give her that gift more often from me!

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