Saturday, September 25, 2010

EZ Reading From A to Z Book Review

EZ Reading From A to Z by Michelle Goosby is a very fun and interactive book for learning all different sounds in the English language.  This book is a real treasure in that at the front it has charts for all the phonetic and consonant sounds.  This includes for each sound the different spellings for that sound.  For example: sounds of long Oo- o, oa, oe, ou, ough, ow, owe.  Michelle then writes a story for every phonetic and consonant using all of the different spellings of words.  There is an illustration along the with the chart for each story.  All the sounds that are to be worked on are bold faced and underlined in the entire story.  For the teacher in me, I would have my kids write down all the words in the story that were emphasized and make separate lists for the different sound types.  I would also have my kids come up with other words that could be on the list for those particular sounds and words.  They could then write their own sentence or story using those words.  Also, put the sounds and words on flashcards and match them up.  There are endless possibilities.

Trying to create a story with all those different sounds is pretty daunting, but Michelle pulled it off.  She has a great imagination because all the stories are really silly and a little ridiculous, but they get the point across.  I would say this book would be good for readers who are advanced but need to practice their phonetic sounds and spelling.

If you are interested in purchasing this book, you can do so at Dorrance Publishing. Click on Non-fiction, then Education/Parenting.  It would be a great supplement for your readers!

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