Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shrade is 5 months old

Shrade is 5 months old! Look how much bigger he is sitting in Great Grandma Elayne's rocking chair.

Shrade loves the baby jogger. We went for a brisk morning walk on the Puyallup Riverfront Trail.

Flying- look at that arch!

Shrade's Johnny Jump Up. First time out, had to taste it- yum?

This is how Shrade sleeps- he prays. Already a Christian? Well, we are praying for his heart even now to be soft toward Jesus Christ.

Shrade and Mama.

Shrade and Daddy.

Shrade in his new exersaucer. Fun!!

Shrade had a very exciting month:

New activities- Exersaucer, Johnny Jump up, Baby jogger, Buff Moms/Happy baby exercise group, bath in tub 2x a week

Accomplishments- roll back to front, grabbing feet, lifting head

Sign language that Shrade is learning- eat, milk, diaper change, bib, bath, mommy, daddy

Funny things Shrade does- thumping legs and turning 90 degrees in bed, raising arms up and then pulling down fast and hitting tummy, making noises wth a closed mouth, sleeping with hands over face clasped together as if praying

Eating and sleeping patterns- Eats 5 X a day 6-8 oz per feeding, takes 2 naps 1-2 hours each, sleeping 9-11 hours at night

Shrade's personality- mellow

Shrade's stats: 18 lbs and 26 inches long

He loves stories, books, songs, and poems. He loves going for our daily walks in his baby jogger. He is a wonderful baby wth a beautiful smile. We love our son so much. Thank you, Jesus, for our very precious gift from heaven!

Shrade is being dedicated at church on Saturday, May 9 @ 6:30pm at Lighthouse Christian Center. Come join us!