Friday, June 13, 2014

Stitch Fix #2

 OK, so I tried Stitch Fix again since I took Dressing Your Truth.  I made specific requests and I feel that they did take into consideration many of them.  I truly do not like to shop and I wanted to see again what they sent me.
I just love opening surprises!  It's like Christmas.  I received 5 items: 3 shirts, 1 cardigan and 1 pair of pants.  The colors were gorgeous although two of them did not follow my color card.  But thankfully, the one item I liked did!
Here is what I received.  What do you think I picked?  I chose something that I could wear with multiple things and what I really needed.  You guessed it, the cardigan.  It's the coral color.  I tried it on and fell in love.  One thing I learned from Dressing Your Truth is that you need to LOVE what you have to wear. 

I am not easy to please and I truly appreciate the time and effort that Miranda made to put together this Stitch Fix.  I was very honest with what I thought of each piece so hopefully that will help them to better style my Stitch Fix.

And since I'm not planning to shop much this summer, I scheduled my next Stitch Fix for August. 

You can read all my Pros and Cons from my last Stitch Fix HERE.

Are you ready to try it out?  Read the directions below and get started for FREE!

Here is how it works:
  1. Sign Up and Complete Your Style Profile After signing up you can start immediately on your Style Profile. We need to know your size, shape, style, price preferences, and lifestyle to get your Fix right. It’ll take about 10 minutes.
  2. Schedule a Stitch Fix Pick a date, and we’ll send you a box of 5 clothing and accessory items we’ve hand-picked just for you. Schedule monthly, or as often as you like—it’s your call. You pay a $20 styling fee up front, which serves as credit toward anything in your Stitch Fix shipment.
  3. Try it all on Try on everything we send you—you never know what you’ll like until you see it on. Pair it with items already in your closet. Each item includes style cards with ideas and inspiration on how to wear it.
  4. Decide Take 3 days to decide what you’ll keep. Pay for just what you want to keep, return the rest in our pre-paid mailing bag at any USPS mailbox. Keep all 5 items and you save 25% off the entire shipment.
  5. Check Out Give us feedback on your Stitch Fix shipment—our secret (styling) sauce gets better over time if we know what did and didn’t work for you. 
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    Tuesday, June 3, 2014

    When Calls the Heart...A Telling Silence DVD Review + Giveaway!!

    When Calls the Heart (A Telling Silence) has two stories combined in one movie.  The town of Coal Valley is still reeling from the mine explosion taking several men from the community and leaving devastated families.  Elizabeth Thatcher is a young teacher who left her affluent life to be where she belongs by helping these families move ahead and look toward a bright future.  She loves her students and is concerned for young Rosaleen who has not spoken since her father was killed.  One day Rosaleen goes missing and Elizabeth is desperate to find her.  She enlists Jack Thornton, the town constable and close friend to help her.  In the midst of this little girl's disappearance, Jack discovers that one of the widows has some whale oil in her shed which looked to be the cause of the church fire that occurred three months prior.  All of these events are swirling around with secrets being kept and Elizabeth and Jack sorting out their feelings for each other as well as for the friends that they are trying to protect.

    It's another great family movie filled with mystery and hope for a small town.  Elizabeth has a heart of gold and makes everyone in her path feel loved and respected.  She is always ready to fight for her students and give up her comforts to sacrifice for those she has come to love in this small mining town rocked by tragedy.  It's fun to watch her interaction with her students, the parents, the townspeople and of course, Jack Thornton.

    When Calls the Heart...A Telling Silence Trailer


    Please fill out the form in the link below to enter the giveaway for this movie.
    Giveaway ends Saturday, June 7.  US only, thanks.

    *I was given a complimentary copy of this movie from Edify Media, Inc.  All opinions are my own.*


    -Dove Foundation
    “absolutely beautiful and very entertaining”
    -Movie Guide
    When Calls The Heart
    “A Telling Silence”
    From the Television Series inspired by the writings of Janette Oke
    Nashville, Tennessee- When Calls the Heart “A Telling Silence” is produced and directed by Michael Landon Jr. and inspired by the best-selling books by Janette Oke.   A feature length film made from episodes of the When Calls the Heart television series, When Calls the Heart “A Telling Silence” tells the story of Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow), a young high society teacher fighting to make a difference in a prairie town in a part of the Western Frontier known as Coal Valley.   Almost immediately, she can tell that something is wrong.     The church was burned to the ground a month after a local mining accident and the only man left to investigate the crime is the Canadian Mountie, Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing).  Meanwhile, the head of the mine is scheming to control the town, including the pastor who seems to be losing his faith along with his church.   The stakes are raised when a young girl goes missing and the town must come together to find her.  Distributed by Word Entertainment, When Calls the Heart “A Telling Silence” will be available to purchase in Christian Retail April 22nd, 2014.
    Synopsis-  Feeling sorry for 8-year-old mute Rosaleen Sullivan, teacher Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow), reaches out to the little girl as they share lunch. But when Elizabeth is called away and then returns, Rosaleen is missing! Meanwhile, constable Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing) discovers evidence that Cat Montgomery may have been involved in a suspicious church fire. Could the two cases be related?
    Michael Landon Jr. – Director:  Michael Landon Jr., son of the late television legend Michael Landon, has been in the film business for over 25 years.  With two of the highest rated films in the history of the Hallmark channel, and several top ten releases targeted to the Christian market, Michael has become known for creating heartfelt, inspiring films that connect to the family.  He has developed and/or produced, directed, and written screenplays for Fox, CBS, NBC, Disney, Sony, Lifetime, and others.