Monday, October 17, 2016

When Calls the Heart- Hearts in Question DVD Review

 When Calls the Heart: Hearts in Question is another gripping episode of the ups and downs in Hope Valley.  Jack's mother, Charlotte, comes to visit and ends up staying with Elizabeth who is uncomfortable with her habits, her adventure and the fact that her son has still not completely made a permanent decision with Elizabeth.  But then there is a collapse of the Silverton Mine with many of the settlers needing to vacate their homes and take refuge in Hope Valley.  Rosemary and Lee are planning their wedding, but the needs of the town surpass the coming party and Rosemary gives many of her precious bridal dresses and dinners to help the cause.  Mayor Gowen and Nora try to "escape" Hope Valley, but get caught in the storm and Jack tries to save a young girl from the flood waters, but he gets swept away and Elizabeth desperately searches for him.  Will Hope Valley be able to help the misplaced settlers and will Jack survive his accident in the raging river?

This was a very intense movie, but it also showed again how the town of Hope Valley works together to help others and make sacrifices for the sake of others.  I especially like Abigail's tenacity and courage to help others in their storms.  She shows a strong spirit and a loving heart.  I am anxious to see how Jack and Elizabeth's relationship will progress as he shows her a piece of land that he has just purchased. 
*I received a copy of this DVD for review from Edify Media.  All opinions are my own.*

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Moonlight Over Manhattan by Carrie Turansky (a novella) Book Review

 Sarah is a lovely single professional organizer living in an apartment complex in New York.  Her older neighbor, Lillian, who is a widow has a bad fall and needs to go to the hospital.  Sarah is asked to care for the dog until her grandson comes.  When Justin arrives, Sarah is unprepared for his casual, yet charming personality.  Sarah and Justin decide to help clean up Lillian's apartment as a surprise for her homecoming from the hospital.  They don't always see eye to eye and Sarah is not quite sure the status of Justin's employment, but she becomes interested in his friendship.  After spending Thanksgiving with Lillian and Justin's family, Sarah feels comfortable and peaceful.  But she is still confused and when she learns that Lillian is supporting a young man whom she assumes is Justin, her heart tells her to back away.  Justin can't understand why Sarah has become aloof so he offers to take her out for a fun night in Manhattan.  Sarah's feelings are confused and she continues to keep her thoughts to herself.  After Justin reveals his flourishing career and professes his love for Sarah, will she be open to having a romantic and fulfilling relationship with him?  Find out in Moonlight Over Manhattan by Carrie Turansky.

This sweet story is the perfect novella to read for the upcoming holiday season where love and hope are in the air.  Be swept away with Sarah and Justin's unpredictable friendship and eventual love story in this new story by one of my favorite authors, Carrie Turansky. 

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*I was given a complimentary copy of this book by the author for review.*

Saturday, October 1, 2016

When Calls the Heart: Forever in My Heart DVD Review

Once again, Hope Valley is in transition.  Jack has decided to help a young mom living with the settlers to get back together with her husband.  He also is looking at land on which to possibly build a home.  Abigail's world gets turned upside down when Cody's sister Becky returns and a blood relative comes to town and seeks to take the children home with her.  Rosemary is ecstatic when a producer decides to cast her in his film.  But is she ready to move and leave Lee whom she loves?  And Elizabeth finds a way to help Becky achieve success in a very important school project and to personally rise above her physical disabilities. 

This episode had a lot of wonderful moments of accomplishment as well as some heart warming moments between Abigail and the children.  It is always enjoyable to watch how the town of Hope Valley looks after each other and cheers each other on.  Come enjoy another episode of the people of Hope Valley and the ups and downs of their lives.

*I was given a complimentary copy of this DVD for review from Edify Media.  All opinions are my own.*

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Caged No More DVD Review (sensitive content)

Caged No More is the story of one woman's fight to find her adopted granddaughters who were sold into slavery by their father.  Aggie is desperate to find her granddaughters who seem to have disappeared.  She goes undercover and finds an ally to help her in her quest from the wealthiest family in New Orleans who is also related to the father of the girls.  She discovers that the girls are being "sold" thinking they are performing in a beauty pageant.  There is danger everywhere and the girls are rescued in a dramatic emancipation. 
This film exposes the horrors and dangers of the underground sex trafficking industry that is taking over in every country, even the United States.  There is a great need to keep girls and boys from being taken and exploited.  This film shows the way people risk their lives for these girls.  It is daring and courageous work.  This is a real fight we need to fight. 
The reality of this is very scary for me to think about.  I hope this film helps others find a way to help and create more rescues for these women and also men who are being strangled by this horrible industry.  There is hope and help!

*I was given a complimentary copy of this DVD for review.  All opinions are my own.*

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

When Calls the Heart: Heart of a Hero DVD Review (Season 3, Movie 3)

When Calls The Heart: Heart Of A Hero 

When Calls the Heart: Heart of a Hero is the next movie in Season 3.  Pastor Frank is back in his position, but he can't seem to encourage a trusting relationship with Abigail and the Garrison Gang still is trying to get Frank to join back with them.  Lee injures his foot and Faith Carter, a nurse from Hamilton, arrives to care for him.  Elizabeth is jealous of Faith and Jack's friendship and makes it clear to Jack that she is not happy.  And Mayor Gowen continues to make life hard for the new settlers when he raises the rent.  A new girl comes to town and is not interested in making friends at school.  Elizabeth gets advice from Rosemary about how to promote kindness in her classroom.  Bill Avery makes Dottie Ramsey a birthday dinner and Jesse is still trying to win Clara's heart even if he used to run with a dangerous gang of outlaws.  Relationships in Hope Valley are soaring high and low and there is still some mysterious things happening at the mill.  Faith Carter is torn between becoming a wife and running an infirmary in Hope Valley.  She makes a decision that will affect her life in Hope Valley and her friendship with Jack.  Will Elizabeth be able to make peace in her classroom and in her heart with her feelings for Jack?
This episode had so many great moments.  I did enjoy Faith Carter in Season 2 when she met Jack while caring for his brother.  She is sweet girl and she has a heart of gold.  I was sad that she had to choose between her fiancĂ© and her work.  And Abigail has some sweet moments with Cody who she "adopted."  He is upset that some of the kids keep telling him that she is not his mother.  She says to him, "I need you just as much as you need me." I'll be interested to see how all these couple relationships grow.  Hope Valley has such a rich group of people and stories.  I look forward to more adventures and intrigues from Hope Valley.

*I was given a complimentary copy of this DVD for review from Edify Media.  All opinions are my own.*

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Memory Book DVD Review

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Chloe Davenport is a photographer and innocently picks up a Memory Book at a Swap Meet.  She thumbs through the book and decides to buy it.  She takes it home and begins to try to unravel the mystery of the couple in the pictures. They seemed so in love and kept special memories of their times together.   She meets Gabe who is a willing friend who likes adventure and decides to help Chloe track down this mysterious couple.  They go all over San Francisco to places from the pictures.  They also meet a lot of special people along the way that give them moments to enjoy with them and with each other.  Gabe begins to fall for Chloe who is still unsure about love.  Then they finally meet the mysterious couple, Sarah and Jonathan.  Their story of a wedding that never happened gave Chloe an idea.  Will Chloe open her heart to Gabe and will this couple make love come true even after all these years?

Check out The Memory Book DVD from FishFlix online.  This sweet Hallmark movie is sure to tug some heart strings.  I really enjoyed the special moments and fun adventures that Chloe and Gabe experienced.  They really connected in making a mystery come alive.  I really enjoyed the ending and I love the idea of creating my own Memory Book.  This movie was romantic, adventurous with some laughs and also a few heartaches.  It's one to please any romantic soul. 

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*I received a complimentary copy of this DVD from  All opinions are my own.*