Friday, March 27, 2009

Shrade is 4 months old!

The highlight of this month was meeting Great Grandma Elayne!
We also got this 4 generation picture.

Here's a family picture- March 15, 2009

Ah, a good smile with Grandpa Jeff.

Doesn't Grandma Nettie look beautiful?

Well, this month presented many challenges. Our predictable schedule turned upside down the weekend of the time change. Shrade decided not to sleep through the night anymore and had a dramatic drop in appetite before an increase about 4 days ago. Needless to say there were many sleepless nights for everyone in the house.

There were also some fun milestones Shrade achieved:
*transitioned to crib (he looked so small in the big crib, but too big for the bassinet)
*sits in bumbo with really good head control
*starting to grasp objects put in front of him
*eating every 3 hours and getting on a good nap schedule
*a big drooler (could this be the start of teething?)
*first sickness- congestion and cough
*wears 6 month clothes
*continues to do well in the nursery
*personality- serious, people watcher
*loves rhymes and tickle games

Shrade had his 4 month doctor visit this month:
*weight- 15 lbs. 6 oz.
*height- 26 inches
*head- 17. 25 inches

Shrade is a very happy, contented little baby. We went on our first extended car ride on Monday, March 23 down to visit Auntie Koren, Ethan and Reagan. Shrade was so good. He slept and looked out the window. I can look in a mirror and see him while I'm driving. He was so cute as he grasped at his blanket- a new thing!

About this time last year we found out that our "baby blessing" was on the way. God really grew our faith and provided a way for me to stay home and take care of this precious creation! Thank you, God!