Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ageless Woman Detox Lite Adventure Day 6

As I said, I would share a little bit more about re-entry.  Danna and Robyn have written an indepth description of each food that you will introduce for 3 days after your detox ends.  They give the order, information about the food, symptoms and recommendations.  I highly recommend you listen to the podcast I mentioned earlier in the week- 9 foods Holding You Back from Health and Weightloss.

Re-entry is probably the most important aspect of this program.  I think that when I first did the program I just wanted to get the detox days done so I could go back to my "normal" eating. But to truly get the benefit of the detox and start to live a healthy and vibrant life there needs to be a more deliberate approach. 

I honestly didn't want to do this right before a big trip I'm taking, but it just worked out that way and so I'm still on the adventure.

Watch my video HERE:

What I ate today: 1/2 banana mug cake, sweet potato hash with scrambled eggs, pumpkin pancakes, kale potato soup, zucchini pancakes and taco lettuce wraps.  I also had a small piece of the chocolate coconut truffles. 

*I am NOT an affiliate for this program.  I just want to share my journey with you.*

Friday, October 30, 2015

Ageless Woman Detox Lite Adventure Day 5

Today was the day I was going to have as my last day before I start re-entry partly because my husband was gone and just came home (sometimes it's easier do things like this when he's away) and because the re-entry is supposed to be 27 days and I have less than that before we leave to Mexico.  BUT, I'm deciding to still keep with the program (even though my husband brought home a bunch of yummy fudge!) for 2 more days to get the full benefit and I will tailor the re-entry to my time frame.

Today I wanted to share a little about the daily devotions included in the Ageless Woman Detox website.  See video HERE:

What did I eat today: English muffin and blueberry smoothie, some zucchini pancakes, taco wraps, apples and chicken vegetable soup (pictured above) and a little slice of berry berry good cake.  I'm almost to the end of this journey.  Well, re-entry will be a lot like this only adding some of the food back in that I used to eat.  I'll share more about that tomorrow!

Check out Ageless Woman Living Detox Lite Adventure.

*I am NOT an affiliate for this program.  I just want to share my journey with you.*

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Homemaking Ministires Conference 2015

Last year I was incredibly blessed to purchase and watch the Homemaking from Scratch online conference hosted by Jami Balmet from Young Wife's Guide.  There were so many great speakers with both practical application and principles to guide a homemaker.

This year they are offering another online conference.  I have been able to watch a few sessions and I have gleaned so much to help me in my quest to be the homemaker God has called me to be.

The best thing about this conference that is actually happening right now is that when you purchase it, you get a lot of free downloads, but you also have access to this online conference FOREVER!  So, if you miss it, you can still view at your convenience.  That in itself is incredibly freeing! 

This is the last day of the online conferences, but as I said, you can have access to these videos forever.

Some of the speakers include:
Jami Balmet
Marci Ferrell- love this mentor mom
Jennifer Ross- creator of the Homemaking 101 and 201 video series
Hilary Bernstein
Trisha Gilkerson- Intoxicated on Life
and many more!

Be sure to register today for complete access with some great downloads to add to your homemaking library.

*I am an affiliate for this program.  Your purchase gives me a small income at no additional cost to you.  Thanks!*

Ageless Woman Detox Lite Adventure Day 4

I have really enjoyed this detox program.  In fact, I don't feel deprived at all.  There are so many choices that I want to eat everything today!  Just kidding!  Well, this program definitely is something I will repeat in the future.  I also have lost a few pounds as well.  But I am still curious if I will have any reactions to foods.  I have an inkling, but I will wait for re-entry.

So what is re-entry?  Robyn Thomson (one of the authors of the Ageless Woman Detox Lite Adventure program) has a 27 day re-entry food plan.  She goes into detail in the program guide.  She basically gives you 3 days to introduce each of the nine foods.  She explains common symptoms and gives some recommended products.  She also says why these food are considered allergy foods. 

I found this section to be full of great information and I'm looking forward to using it.

Check out my video HERE:

Today I had: Jolly Grain Free English muffin (pictured above), hard boiled egg, chocolate banana shake, creamy chicken spaghetti squash, berry berry good cake, apple slices and sweet potato hash.

And guess what?  I have also lost a few pounds since I started!

*I am NOT an affiliate for this program.  I just want to share my journey with you.*

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ageless Woman Detox Lite Adventure Day 3

You may wonder why I'm doing this detox adventure.  Is it to lose weight?  Is it to get more energy?  Is it to discover any food sensitivities?  Well, it's a little bit of all of those.  What I really appreciate about this program is the information for why certain foods are eliminated during the detox and how to introduce them back in.  I listened to this very informative podcast with Danna and Robyn: 9 Foods Holding You Back from Health and Weightloss.

As much as I want to see change on the outside of my body, I also want to discover what is going on inside my body.  Are certain foods causing reactions in me that I don't need to live with?  I have not felt that I have any food sensitivities but I might have some based on how this detox goes.  I'm curious!  Aren't you? 

When I first read the 9 foods that I needed to eliminate, I groaned.  I eat all of these and like them too!  What could I possibly have besides these?  Thankfully, Danna and Robyn have created this great program guide which answers all my questions and guides me in creating a good meal plan and also how to reintroduce these foods back into my diet.  I will share more on that later.

Watch my video HERE:

What did I eat today?  Pumpkin pancakes, hard boiled egg, orange smoothie, carrot/apple salad, snickerdoodle muffins, turkey taco wraps and a taste of chocolate truffles (yes, they are detox friendly if you have a small bit!).

Special Facebook offer: Click on the image on Facebook and you will get 5 Detox tips and 3 Detox Lite Recipes. 

Ageless Woman Detox Lite Adventure is only $25

*I am NOT an affiliate for this program.  I just want to share my journey. *

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ageless Woman Detox Lite Adventure Day 2

Hi everyone, I'm on Day 2 of my Ageless Woman Detox Lite Adventure.  It was a tougher day to get in all the things I needed as we had our homeschool co-op.  In fact, I left my snacks at the house and had to come back, but it's only 5 minutes away so that was good. 
So the week before I started this program I decided to cut out sugar and wheat.  It's not something I normally do, but in order to get prepared and get the full benefit of this program, I felt it was good to do this as these are two of the foods that I eliminate during the detox. 
One thing that I am really enjoying is making new recipes.  I've been drooling over this book since August and wanting to make some of these yummy foods.  Today I had a blueberry smoothie, a few zucchini pancakes, a snickerdoodle muffin, apples, creamy chicken spaghetti squash, salmon patties and kale potato soup (pictured above).  I also am drinking LOTS of water. 
As I mention in the video I did make a meal plan and I bought all the food, but I'm actually rewriting my plan as my tastebuds want different things and my schedule dictates that I make quicker things at better times. 

Some of these recipes can be found on Danna's blog and here are some that I have tried that I like:

Blueberry Smoothie
*I am NOT an affiliate for this program.  I just like to share my journey.*

Monday, October 26, 2015

Ageless Woman Detox Lite Adventure Day 1

As you know I am doing a detox program called Ageless Woman Detox Lite Adventure to jumpstart my metabolism for weightloss.  I think I have been really confused how weightloss can happen for my body.  I thought if I just start exercising and eating salads everyday I would lose weight.  But I don't want to eat salads all the time.  I tried something like that and it didn't stick.

So, I started my program today and it was actually very fun!  I am a foodie and there are definitely some yummy recipes in this program.  For me, if you just say, be sure to eat protein, some fruits and vegetables, I would knock that program flat in the face.  I need specifics and recipes!  Thankfully, Danna and Robyn (the authors), have provided recipes and so much more.

Before I started I did some preparation work like making broth and cooking up some muffins and pancakes.  Yes, you can eat real food (grain free and sugar free!).  There are actually so many good choices, that I'm trying to fit them all in my menu plan for the week. 

Today for breakfast I had eggs with avocado and a 1/2 of banana mug cake.  For lunch I had 2 salmon patties, a zucchini pancake, an apple and 1/2 banana mug cake.  For dinner I had the most delicious meal ever- creamy chicken spaghetti squash.  And for snacks I had a berry smoothie and a chocolate macaroon.  So I had lots of veggies, fruits and few sweet treats.  Along with that I drank a LOT of water and took my detox drink (recipe in the program guide) and had my nighttime drinks to promote digestion. 

I was very conscious of what I ate and it was all very good and satisfying.  I didn't seem to have any cravings today.

Here's a short video of my thoughts about day 1:

Blessings, Shonda

*I am NOT an affiliate for this product.  I just wanted to share my journey with you.*

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ageless Woman Living- Detox Lite Program Introduction

About 8 months ago I found this podcast by Danna Demetre called The Makeover Mentor.  I started listening.  I realized that this beautiful woman had a lot of great ideas for women who were 40+.  I turned 41 in September and I definitely feel like my body has changed not only from having kids, but also by not bouncing back the way it used to.  I have been working out and eating mostly real food, but I honestly haven't found the key to giving my metabolism a jumpstart to actually lose the weight that I really want to not see anymore.
After I had my son in 2008, I lost all my baby weight within 18 months, and then I got pregnant again.  I did not take care of myself well with my second pregnancy.  I craved sweet foods and I ate a lot of them!  I gained 40 lbs.  I was totally miserable.  I have been able to lose about 30 lbs, but I have about 10 stubborn pounds that I can't lose.  Like I said, I have been working out (a lot more than I used to), but I've read it's 80% diet and 20% exercise.  I also have no food allergies and so it's been hard to limit myself. 
About 6 months ago, Danna and her friend Robyn (who created the Ageless Woman Living resource), started a program to detox our bodies to get us ready for weightloss.  I was intrigued by this idea.  I never thought about detoxing before.  I did try to do it for 3 days and I quit.  It seemed a little too hard for me.  They were still in the beginning stages of the program and wanted initial feedback. 
This summer I've been continuing to listen to their podcasts and cooking shows (oh, yum, they make delicious food!) and when I saw they had made a book and created a website, I decided to take the plunge and enroll in the program.  The great thing about it is, you can do it anytime you want.  All the resources are right there for you.  It's called Ageless Woman Detox Lite (Metabolism Jumpstart).
The best thing about it, is that you get everything for $25 and access for life.  (read more about the program in the link above)
I really like Danna and Robyn even though I haven't talked to them personally, they interact on the Facebook page and their cooking shows and podcasts have such excellent information.  I honestly am so glad I discovered these gals right when I needed this kind of direction in my life. 
I always thought I would float through life like I always did, but I'm finding out a lot about my body and the food and exercise that I need to do to maintain and have a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.  It's not easy and it takes work and planning and I'm trying very hard to fit this in to my very busy life of a homeschool mom.  But I'm up for the challenge. 
Now I am ready.  I have the workbook, the website and I've been pouring over the recipes and plans.  I made a loose menu plan and I made a whole bunch of food.  I'm excited to start (and a little anxious too).
I will be sharing my journey in the coming days so stay tuned. 
Check out my Pinterest board with most of their cooking shows and recipes:
Blessings, Shonda
*I am NOT an affiliate for this program.  I am just sharing my journey with you.*

Friday, October 16, 2015

2016 Homemaker's Friend Daily Planner- SALE!

2016 Homemaker's Friend Daily Planner
I am so excited to have discovered this daily planner last year.
I ordered the 2015 planner and I keep this planner with me and write everything in it!
This has definitely been my "friend" this year.
Please see my video review HERE.
Here is what I like about this planner:
*It's a convenient size- I can fit it in my purse, but it's big enough that I can write in it (no shorthand).
*The weekly task list is vital to my organization.
*I can record my menu plan.
*I can plan birthday parties, trips, summer ideas and book lists.
*I can record gifts to buy, cleaning ideas, and use the tear out shopping lists.
*I can make a master shopping list in the back.
*I can keep loose notes in the back pockets.
*I can see a month at a glance.
*I can record good quotes from podcasts.
*If I lose this planner, I will lose my brain (I'm not kidding!)
I have REALLY enjoyed this planner.  I am so glad to have used it this year.
I have felt more organized, I can see what I've done and the different areas are great for taking lots of notes and lists.
RIGHT NOW there is a SALE:
Get $2 off your first order with code HF200 until October 31
Click Homemaker's Depot to get your copy of the 2016 Homemaker's Friend Daily Planner

*I am affiliate of this company.  Any purchase you make is greatly appreciated with no extra cost to you.*

From the website:
The Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner was designed by Sue Hooley. The planner was developed after several years of motherhood and homemaking. Sue understood that a homemaker’s day can rarely be scheduled and structured the same as the one before, nor can every task fit neatly into the time-slot allotted by other planners. Since her first publication in 2010, thousands of homemakers have benefited from the daily planner.

The Planner is spiral bound for easy use and the cover is laminated for durability. Two pockets included. It has seven sectional tabs as follows:

  • An overview of the year by month.
  • Two-page spreads for entries each month.
  • Two-page spreads for entries each week. This allows you to sketch out an entire week, day by day.
  • A section to enter projected tasks.
  • A section to enter specific projects.
  • A section to keep a listing of personal contact information.
  • A perforated shopping list section allows you to take the list with you.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Refuge at Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky Book Review

Carrie Turansky has released her final book in the Edwardian Brides series and it's one you do not want to miss.  It's 1915 and the world is at war, but families seek to find hope and love in the midst of such desperation and destruction.  The Ramsey family has now added many new members.  Kate Ramsey married Dr. Jon Foster and they have taken in several children from the streets of London.  Kate's sister Penny is living with the family and enjoys being a part of caring for the children.  But Penny has a longing herself to one day be married and raise her own family.  Penny meets Alex Goodwin, a pilot and friend of Dr. Jon.  Alex gets assigned to a base in St. Pol, France.  But he and Penny agree to exchange friendly letters.  Meanwhile, the bombing in London is so bad that Kate and Jon move the family out to Highland Hall to be safe.  Lady Julia and Sir William are glad to have their presence, but it does create some conflict between Andrew, the son of Sir William and some of the Foster children. 

Alex enjoys his letter conversations with Penny, but cannot divulge his secret missions.  He gets assigned a dangerous task and ends up in critical condition.  Penny is desperate to find out how to contact him, but when he finds out he has lost some vital functions and that he is scarred for life he refuses to accept Penny into his heart.  Penny is heartbroken, but tries to put on brave face.
Despite the cold shoulder, Penny asks Alex to come live at Highland during his recovery and to help get order among the boys.  Alex steps into the position and eventually starts to open up his mind to a future with Penny despite his limitations.  Then a scary event occurs and he must make a brave decision to fight for the woman he loves.
This book was a page turner especially after Alex's injuries.  I was riveted to the end!  Carrie weaves a story of sweet love, hope, tragedy, triumph and true character that lasts beyond the external and to the eternal.  There are also many other stories that keep this novel churning and another romance that is not to be missed!  This was a delightful end to a wonderful series. 
Be sure to check out my other reviews for the first two books and enjoy reading!
Visit Carrie Turansky's website for more information and chance to read the first chapter of A Refuge at Highland Hall.
*I was given a complimentary copy of the book from the author.  All opinions are my own.*

Sunday, October 11, 2015

When Calls the Heart : Heart and Home DVD Review

When Calls The Heart: Heart And Home
In the next episode of When Calls the Heart: Heart and Home things are heating up not only between Elizabeth and Jack (and not in a romantic way), but also between parents and children (Elizabeth's sister Julie is in a car accident with Jack's brother, Tom).  Elizabeth and Jack begin taking sides to protect their siblings, but become at odds with each other. But they come together to rescue their siblings when Tom and Julie try to run away together.   Meanwhile, back in Hope Valley, Rosemary and Lee begin hatching plans to get the railroad to come directly to Hope Valley.  But Mayor Gown continues to try to foil those plans.   Abigail says goodbye to Bill Avery, but the women of the town continue to gossip about her. And the new pastor catches some fish and offers them to Abigail for her café in exchange for dinner with her!  And Charles continue to pursue Elizabeth despite her constant assurance of just a friendship. 
This had a lot of different stories going on, but it was very exciting to see some tension and some new relationships possibly forming.  This episode had some good twists and turns that made for a good movie.  I really liked the way Jack does business with every one around him.  Even though he is not "cut from the cloth" of the elite, he seems to have a very firm confidence in himself and makes pure decisions that keep him on solid ground.  I feel very hopeful for Abigail, but also a little anxious.  She is finally getting beyond Bill, but it seems that the Mayor is dead set on bringing her down and trying to get her to sell her café.  Well, there was so much going on during this show, that I just can't begin to cover all the great moments.  This was an episode not to be missed!
*I was given a complimentary copy of this DVD for review.  All opinions are my own.*

Friday, October 9, 2015

Taming the To Do List by Glynnis Whitwer Book Review

In Glynnis Whitwer's new book Taming the To Do List (How to Choose Your Best Work Every Day), she addresses the problem of procrastination and how to take back your schedule and be proactive rather than reactive.  The constant need to respond to the urgent notifications we receive instead of focusing on our set priorities is a struggle most people are facing today.  But what do we do about this?  Glynnis offers several practical suggestions.  The first half of the book shares the reasons why we procrastinate and the last half shares how to combat it.  At the end of the first chapter the author invites the reader to pick two areas where they want success- a regular routine and a personal goal.  After each chapter there are questions to answer in regard to those two areas.  The goal of this book was to take all those "to do list" tasks and help identify the right strategies to accomplish them in the best way possible.

I chose to review this book because I have an overwhelming to do list not only daily, but also in large quantities.  I feel like my projects are always on my list and never get done.  For me this book was hard to read, but also very good.  I felt convicted to make different choices in how I prioritize my to do list.  It's going to take some discipline and my thinking needs to change.  I really liked the practical application after every chapter, but I didn't accomplish anything in my two areas, but I certainly thought a lot about them.  I would suggest reading this book in slow chunks and really taking time to think and implement the strategies.  There are a lot of good nuggets of wisdom and this is a great book to pick up and find what chapter is most applicable to your situation at the time.

I think the biggest problem I have is getting distracted and not focusing on exactly what I set out to do. 

*I was given a complimentary copy of this book for review.  All opinions are my own. *