Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ageless Woman Detox Lite Adventure Day 6

As I said, I would share a little bit more about re-entry.  Danna and Robyn have written an indepth description of each food that you will introduce for 3 days after your detox ends.  They give the order, information about the food, symptoms and recommendations.  I highly recommend you listen to the podcast I mentioned earlier in the week- 9 foods Holding You Back from Health and Weightloss.

Re-entry is probably the most important aspect of this program.  I think that when I first did the program I just wanted to get the detox days done so I could go back to my "normal" eating. But to truly get the benefit of the detox and start to live a healthy and vibrant life there needs to be a more deliberate approach. 

I honestly didn't want to do this right before a big trip I'm taking, but it just worked out that way and so I'm still on the adventure.

Watch my video HERE:

What I ate today: 1/2 banana mug cake, sweet potato hash with scrambled eggs, pumpkin pancakes, kale potato soup, zucchini pancakes and taco lettuce wraps.  I also had a small piece of the chocolate coconut truffles. 

*I am NOT an affiliate for this program.  I just want to share my journey with you.*

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