Friday, October 30, 2015

Ageless Woman Detox Lite Adventure Day 5

Today was the day I was going to have as my last day before I start re-entry partly because my husband was gone and just came home (sometimes it's easier do things like this when he's away) and because the re-entry is supposed to be 27 days and I have less than that before we leave to Mexico.  BUT, I'm deciding to still keep with the program (even though my husband brought home a bunch of yummy fudge!) for 2 more days to get the full benefit and I will tailor the re-entry to my time frame.

Today I wanted to share a little about the daily devotions included in the Ageless Woman Detox website.  See video HERE:

What did I eat today: English muffin and blueberry smoothie, some zucchini pancakes, taco wraps, apples and chicken vegetable soup (pictured above) and a little slice of berry berry good cake.  I'm almost to the end of this journey.  Well, re-entry will be a lot like this only adding some of the food back in that I used to eat.  I'll share more about that tomorrow!

Check out Ageless Woman Living Detox Lite Adventure.

*I am NOT an affiliate for this program.  I just want to share my journey with you.*

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