Sunday, October 11, 2015

When Calls the Heart : Heart and Home DVD Review

When Calls The Heart: Heart And Home
In the next episode of When Calls the Heart: Heart and Home things are heating up not only between Elizabeth and Jack (and not in a romantic way), but also between parents and children (Elizabeth's sister Julie is in a car accident with Jack's brother, Tom).  Elizabeth and Jack begin taking sides to protect their siblings, but become at odds with each other. But they come together to rescue their siblings when Tom and Julie try to run away together.   Meanwhile, back in Hope Valley, Rosemary and Lee begin hatching plans to get the railroad to come directly to Hope Valley.  But Mayor Gown continues to try to foil those plans.   Abigail says goodbye to Bill Avery, but the women of the town continue to gossip about her. And the new pastor catches some fish and offers them to Abigail for her café in exchange for dinner with her!  And Charles continue to pursue Elizabeth despite her constant assurance of just a friendship. 
This had a lot of different stories going on, but it was very exciting to see some tension and some new relationships possibly forming.  This episode had some good twists and turns that made for a good movie.  I really liked the way Jack does business with every one around him.  Even though he is not "cut from the cloth" of the elite, he seems to have a very firm confidence in himself and makes pure decisions that keep him on solid ground.  I feel very hopeful for Abigail, but also a little anxious.  She is finally getting beyond Bill, but it seems that the Mayor is dead set on bringing her down and trying to get her to sell her café.  Well, there was so much going on during this show, that I just can't begin to cover all the great moments.  This was an episode not to be missed!
*I was given a complimentary copy of this DVD for review.  All opinions are my own.*

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Patty said...

We have been watching this series and have definitely enjoyed it. We are waiting for the third season to begin.