Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dressing Your Truth Course SALE!!! $99 for a limited time!

Hi Friends,

Did you enjoy my blog series last month about Dressing Your Truth?  For the past 2 months I have been dressing much differently and I feel different inside and out.  Would you like to have the same experience?

This week Dressing Your Truth is on sale for $99.  It includes SO much, just visit the link.  There is also a 60 day money back guarantee.  But I guarantee you will not want your money back.  I certainly didn't!

Get started today and start living your truth!  Let me know if you do!

*Here's a recent testimony from me about what I think about Dressing Your Truth:

I have never felt more positive and encouraged about dressing. I seriously was almost in some sort of depression before I starting Dressing Your Truth. I hated my clothes, how I looked in them and I could never make an outfit and I didn't even try with my hair or makeup. Since I've started, everything has changed. I am simply loving myself and loving life.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Name is Paul DVD Review

My Name is Paul is the story of a man who is a high official in the government who pursues those who follow The Way to eliminate them from society.  He is given a commission to murder the highest leader of The Way, Peter.  On his road trip to his destination, his car crashes and he is left without his sight.  He hears a Voice speaking to him and he is confused, but he listens.  He is rescued by a sweet older couple and taken to a secret place for followers of The Way live.  He is healed and begins his journey to follow God.  The followers of The Way are wary of him, but as he continues to stand up for them they know he is on their side.  Meanwhile, those who oppose The Way are relentlessly pursuing Paul.  When they find him, they try to convert him back, but they discover that he is now no longer one of them.  They start to persecute him.  Paul realizes that he is now on God's side and he lives his life following Him despite the hardships that he faces.

This movie was a unique portrayal of the biblical Paul told in modern day terms.  It didn't fully follow the Biblical account, but it gave a picture of what Paul might have been experiencing in that time.  It was interesting to watch the transformation and know that God is mighty and powerful and He can take even the person who hates him the most to do great things for Him.  This is film worth watching if you are questioning how God can change hearts.

*I was given a complimentary copy of this DVD from Edify Media for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own.*


Movie Features Michael Joiner of “The Grace Card” and
Shannen Fields of “Facing the Giants”
Nashville, TN – (February 4, 2014) – Word Films announces the March 11 DVD release of faith-based film “My Name is Paul” by producers Jurgen Beck and Vanessa Ore. The film, using the analogy of the Apostle Paul who started as a zealous persecutor of Christians, follows Paul’s hate-filled intentions to destroy Peter (the enemy of his leader) when an unforeseen accident and miraculous self-discovery lead him down a different path where he learns to live and love “The Way” (Christ). “My Name is Paul” stars Michael Joiner of “The Grace Card” and Shannen Fields of “Facing the Giants” and has been awarded the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages 12+.
“If God can use a guy like Paul, who called himself the Chief of Sinners, what can He do with a guy like me or the person that watches this film,” said the film’s director Trey Ore. “Paul is one of the most referenced people in the Bible, yet many don't know how ruthless this man truly was. I now have a better understanding of what grace is all about. So, if we can help even one person understand that we are never too far for God to reach us, this film was worth making.”
Ore continued, “After our first private screening of ‘My Name is Paul’ I was told how this movie spoke to a Vietnam veteran that had been haunted for the last 40 years by his past difficult missions and decisions. When this man saw how ruthless Paul was and that God still had a purpose for him, it gave him hope. He saw that God's grace could cover even his transgressions.”
"From the moment I arrived on the set of ‘My Name is Paul’ I knew that God was present in a very special way...and sure enough these filmmakers have taken a small budget and made a film a hundred times greater,” said Michael Joiner. “I have seen the movie twice now and feel it is destined to be one of the greatest faith based films ever made. Not only creatively, but also in its ability to reach a hurting world for the Gospel. I am extremely blessed to have been a part."
“My Name is Paul” takes place in an apocalyptic dark future where Paul is hate-filled and intent on finding and destroying Peter, a Christian and the enemy of his leader. In an accident he is blinded and Ananias, who follows “The Way,” prays for him. His sight returns taking him off his hate-filled course and he learns to live and love “The Way.” Now he has to find Peter but his former leader and the government against “The Way” conspires to use him to get to and destroy Peter and the movement.” 
The film is the follow up film to the award-winning short film by the same name and winner of “Redemptive Storyteller Award” at the 2011 Redemptive Film Festival, an official selection of the 2011UK Christian Film Festival, the 2011 International Christian Film Festival, the 2011 Maranatha Christian International Film Festival, the 2011San Diego Christian Film Festival and the 2011 Kingdomwood Film Festival. It has a running time of 100 minutes. For more information and to view the trailer please visit Wordfilms.com.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

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