Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ageless Woman Detox Lite Adventure Day 2

Hi everyone, I'm on Day 2 of my Ageless Woman Detox Lite Adventure.  It was a tougher day to get in all the things I needed as we had our homeschool co-op.  In fact, I left my snacks at the house and had to come back, but it's only 5 minutes away so that was good. 
So the week before I started this program I decided to cut out sugar and wheat.  It's not something I normally do, but in order to get prepared and get the full benefit of this program, I felt it was good to do this as these are two of the foods that I eliminate during the detox. 
One thing that I am really enjoying is making new recipes.  I've been drooling over this book since August and wanting to make some of these yummy foods.  Today I had a blueberry smoothie, a few zucchini pancakes, a snickerdoodle muffin, apples, creamy chicken spaghetti squash, salmon patties and kale potato soup (pictured above).  I also am drinking LOTS of water. 
As I mention in the video I did make a meal plan and I bought all the food, but I'm actually rewriting my plan as my tastebuds want different things and my schedule dictates that I make quicker things at better times. 

Some of these recipes can be found on Danna's blog and here are some that I have tried that I like:

Blueberry Smoothie
*I am NOT an affiliate for this program.  I just like to share my journey.*

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