Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shrade is 5 months old

Shrade is 5 months old! Look how much bigger he is sitting in Great Grandma Elayne's rocking chair.

Shrade loves the baby jogger. We went for a brisk morning walk on the Puyallup Riverfront Trail.

Flying- look at that arch!

Shrade's Johnny Jump Up. First time out, had to taste it- yum?

This is how Shrade sleeps- he prays. Already a Christian? Well, we are praying for his heart even now to be soft toward Jesus Christ.

Shrade and Mama.

Shrade and Daddy.

Shrade in his new exersaucer. Fun!!

Shrade had a very exciting month:

New activities- Exersaucer, Johnny Jump up, Baby jogger, Buff Moms/Happy baby exercise group, bath in tub 2x a week

Accomplishments- roll back to front, grabbing feet, lifting head

Sign language that Shrade is learning- eat, milk, diaper change, bib, bath, mommy, daddy

Funny things Shrade does- thumping legs and turning 90 degrees in bed, raising arms up and then pulling down fast and hitting tummy, making noises wth a closed mouth, sleeping with hands over face clasped together as if praying

Eating and sleeping patterns- Eats 5 X a day 6-8 oz per feeding, takes 2 naps 1-2 hours each, sleeping 9-11 hours at night

Shrade's personality- mellow

Shrade's stats: 18 lbs and 26 inches long

He loves stories, books, songs, and poems. He loves going for our daily walks in his baby jogger. He is a wonderful baby wth a beautiful smile. We love our son so much. Thank you, Jesus, for our very precious gift from heaven!

Shrade is being dedicated at church on Saturday, May 9 @ 6:30pm at Lighthouse Christian Center. Come join us!

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Kaptured by Koren said...

exersaucers are such a great invention, love them. and the pic of him sleeping with his hands over his eyes is so cute. ethan used to sleep with both hands over his head like he was a ref saying "goal" at a football game. :)