Friday, September 10, 2010

Have a Chicken Party! 25% off What to Do with Chicken in Your Kitchen ebook ends 9/14

"Do you like to serve chicken to your family, but are unsure how to serve it unless it comes in a bucket from the Colonel? This e-book will explain in simple terms how to cook a chicken and what to do with it once it’s cooked. You will also find things to make with chicken breasts and things to make from cut up chicken pieces. These recipes involve using only basic ingredients to create tasty meals.

Includes recipes such as Chicken and Noodles (your very own homemade noodles!), Homemade Chicken Nuggets and Crunchy Ranch Chicken."

So, are you ready to party with chicken?  Well, it's easy with Laura's ebook,What To Do With Chicken in Your Kitchen.  What's even better is that this ebook is on SALE for 25% off.  When you order be sure to use the code: CHICKEN and pay only $3.71 until Tuesday, September 14.

Check it out here:
What To Do With Chicken in Your Kitchen

**As an affiliate, I receive a small commission from each sale at this website.  Happy shopping!**

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