Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Booking It 2010: September

Here's my list of what I read last month:
*The Struggle by Tien Chu (giveaway has ended)
*When Love Ends by Jackie Johnson (giveaway has ended)
*The Thorn by Beverly Lewis- current giveaway ends 9/17
*A Dream for Hannah by Jerry Eicher
*A Hope for Hannah by Jerry Eicher- current giveaway for both "Hannah" books ends 9/17
*Love is a Flame- current giveaway ends 9/15
*It's No Secret by Rachel Olson- review/giveaway coming next week
*Loving God With All Your Heart by Susie Hobson- review/giveaway coming next week
*The Bible up through Lamentations

I've really been enjoying reviewing books, but I need to also read a bunch of books that I have won too!  I'll get to that as well.  I still have several fiction books up to review that I think you will like.

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