Sunday, April 17, 2011

God's Nuggets: David...Seeking a Heart Like His Week #1

David: Seeking a Heart Like His

I am starting this absolutely fabulous Bible study by Beth Moore called David...Seeking a Heart Like His. I just really want to share with you what I'm learning here on my God's Nuggets post in the next few months.

So every week we have 5 days of homework.  At the end of each day I'm writing what God is teaching in that lesson.

*God wants me to know him- Heart and Soul!
*God wants my full and humble obedience.
*Because God looks on the inside, may I also do the same with others and work on my inside as well.
*God wants me to use both tenderness and strength with the power of the Holy Spirit inside me.
*God wants me to have faith in him because he is living and active and the only one to give victory.

Let me tell you, there is SO much more in these lessons, but you'll have to find out for yourself!  In the meantime, I'll keep sharing what God is teaching me.  ;)

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