Friday, April 15, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing with The Organizing Junkie Week #15

This week I tackled 2 closets: the baby room and my own. I have to combine a few cleaning projects since I most likely will take off the month of May as I'm due to have my baby on May 6. There has been nothing more motivating than having an upcoming addition to our house to get me cleaning. I'm also thankful for this challenge because it's DO-ABLE!! I'm a type of person who wants to clean everything at once and then I get discouraged because I can't get everything done. These bite size chunks have been just perfect and I KNOW I can accomplish one thing in one week. Thanks, Laura!

Baby closet- B4

Baby closet- AFTER

Other side- B4

Other side- AFTER
Before- my gift closet

After- my gift closet

I just want to say something about my gift closet.  If you saw in the first picture I had this HUGE gift bag where I put all of the gift bags that I've been given since 1996 (yes, I still have some from my first Christmas as a teacher).  I do use some of them, but a lot I don't, so I purged.  I also have been collecting gifts for family members for Christmas because I hate to wait until the last minute.  I organized those and made a list of what goes to who.  I have to get this taken care of and also I put more thought into what I want to give. 

I'm hooked up to I'm an Organizing Junkie.


Annette W. said...

I am not motivated to clean...but I do collect Christmas gifts throughout the year!

Anonymous said...

I have a gift area too with stuff for my granddaughter includng a baby doll with the nam Ally Ann that I found at Costco a year ago. My granddaughter is Allyson Ayn. I call her Ally. She gets the doll for her 3rd birthday in August.