Thursday, November 17, 2011

Smart Sweets Ebook by Katie at Kitchen Stewarship on SALE!!

It's HERE!  The Smart Sweets Ebook by Katie at Kitchen Stewardship.  I'm just dying to make these yummy, yet healthy treats.  Click HERE to see the contents and see more pictures.

Check this out for the first week:

  • Use the code DESSERTSLAUNCH for 50% off the first 100 copies.
  • Use the code 2DAY35OFF for 35% off through midnight 11/18.
  • The code for the free “Buttered Life” eBook will be in the email to your Paypal email that includes the Smart Sweets download.
There are cookies, bars and brownies, cakes and cupcakes, pies, candy, frozen desserts and MORE!  Can they really be healthy?  The recipes have easy directions and many variations.  
Be sure to snag the FREE download for Apple Crisp if you haven't already.
 Visit Kitchen Stewardship for more details!

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Susan Case said...

Looks wonderful and yummy. Children love apple crisp, especially if you have an apple peeler they can turn to make a very long peel. Lots of interesting activities can be done with those long peels (measuring, comparing, sorting longest to shortest). Fun to make in an electric skillet and sure makes the house smell wonderful. Vanilla ice cream on top of warm apple crisp is heavenly. I must be hungry.