Sunday, November 27, 2011

My first born is now 3 years old: Shrade!!

I can't believe my little Shrade is 3 years old today!  I remember when I first found out that I was pregnant on Easter weekend of 2008 I was in complete shock.  My first thought was that I was not ready to be a mother even though I loved children and had taught for many years.  My second thought was, how was I going to be a good mother?  Well, ready or not, Shrade Joseph was born on the morning of November 27, 2008 which was Thanksgiving Day.  I didn't know I was having a boy and I was so excited to meet him for the first time.  The first few months I felt like a bumbling mama.  I couldn't figure out nursing and sleeping was a joke.  But as the years have gone by, I realized that I keep bumbling!  That's ok, God is my strength and guide and I raise this warrior for Him!
November 27, 2008 (my first time seeing my baby Shrade)

This year has been the most challenging, yet the most exciting year so far!

Shrade has learned to be very independent.  He can put on and take off his shoes and clothes.  He can open and close doors and he can climb in his carseat.

He loves to play.  We let him play outside on our porch, in the garden and he really wants to ride his tricycle, but can't seem to work the pedals!  He can build with blocks and he loves cars and trains.  He is not interested in many conventional toys and often plays longer with things that are not really toys at all!
His favorite cars!

He likes things a certain way and is hesitant to try new things.  He usually doesn't participate in a group, but this year he started sitting with the group at library story time rather than on my lap.  He drinks everything in because when we get home he can tell exactly what was read or the songs that we sang.  He also has found a friend at church which is very exciting!

This summer he we had some friends come visit us and Shrade found a little "girlfriend."  

At home we do lessons with Brightly Beaming Resources.  I also take him to library story time and Play to Learn (a free preschool type program).  We try to go the zoo on free days and in the winter we go to the mall playground.  Shrade knows his letters and can sing the alphabet.  He also can count objects up to 10 and he has learned to jump and recently can do a forward roll.
Making letter N with newspaper

Shrade has very sweet little voice and loves to sing.  I have taught him many Bible verses by songs using Songs for Saplings.  He also is "reading" books.  He can basically tell the story and even has memorized words.

 This video is Shrade singing one of his Bible verses!

The most amazing way Shrade has changed is in his language.  He went from speaking only a few words at a time to complete sentences and asking questions.  I have started writing down all the funny things he has said!  He also has learned to argue and he can spell his name!

This year he started having an attitude that I wasn't quite prepared for since he was such a compliant and mellow toddler.  His temper tantrums in public is something that I don't care to remember.  But he is learning to listen and obey and he knows the good or bad results that will come with his behavior.

I think the biggest transition for Shrade was welcoming his new baby sister, Jessna.  He has been a fabulous brother and he keeps asking me when she will walk and talk.  I can't wait to see them interact more this year.

And most recently Shrade is being potty trained.  He is a real trooper and loves being a big boy!  Until next time...see you in a year.  Be sure to keep up with Shrade at Milk N' Honey Learn and Grow for all the fun stuff he is learning!

We love you, Shrade.  Keep growing in Jesus!


Annette W. said...

:) Happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Shonda~ What a wonderful time in the life of your family! I'm so glad that you get to be home and raise your preciouse little ones. These times go by so fast.


Zoe Berger

Susan Case said...

Beautiful children. So glad you are able to enjoy them fulltime. Precious times.