Friday, November 4, 2011

3 in 30 Challenge- November Week #1

3in30 Challenge

This month I made 3 goals that I wanted to accomplish and here is the progress!

1. Exercise 3 times a week- YES (I also lost a few lbs!)

2. Clean up my daughter's room- didn't go in her room this week. I want to do this during her nap time, but I need to put her in another room for that. We've had a guest and so it hasn't worked out, but next week is wide open for that to happen.

3. Bring all the books in from the garage and put in the loft. Well, all the books are in the house and I am just about to go up and put them on the bookshelves in our brand new loft!

So, I have felt very good about my progress!


Tour guide @ Mommy Excursions said...

Great job on exercising and loosing the weight! Be sure to show us the loft after it's finished=)

Janet Rose said...

And feel good you should! Great start for your month.

Eileen said...

Well done with the exercise and starting the organisation of the books.

Cheryl said...

Great job with working out and losing weight! Keep up the good work. You rocked last week.