Monday, September 12, 2011

Menu Plan Monday!

Wow, my second week in a row doing a menu plan. It really helps that I made one for the whole month. And, just as I figured, we didn't follow it exactly. My husband is an expert at whipping something up. He's been catching salmon and he made this totally yummy salmon with teriyaki one night. We also went out to dinner unexpectedly one night. My MIL came to watch the kids and gave us $50 to spend. Generous! So glad, since we couldn't afford to go out.

Monday- Crockpot Country Chicken
Tuesday- Easy Black Bean Soup (from the freezer) and cornbread
Wednesday- Chimichangas (from the freezer)
Thursday- Super Sassy Southwestern Chicken with steamed green beans (freezer meal)
Friday- Jeremy's Salmon with Zucchini/potato bake
Saturday- leftovers
Sunday- Omelets with veggies

Can you guess my themes for each day?
Monday- crockpot
Tuesday- soup
Wednesday- Mexican/taco
Thursday- chicken
Friday- salmon
Saturday- leftovers
Sunday- breakfast

Be looking for a very yummy salmon recipe on Thursday!

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