Friday, September 9, 2011

HOMEmaker's Challenge (31 Days to Clean) Week #1

Homemakers Challenge

I started this challenge in the middle the August, but got overwhelmed with the amount of work I needed to do in a day.  So, now that September has started I wanted to "start over."  Then I had my nieces and nephew come one day and my mother in law came overnight and I just haven't had the time to do the deep cleaning I desired until today.  So I'm picking up where I left off in August and continuing my work in the kitchen.  One thing I find very helpful in working to clean in my kitchen is to clean the countertops off of all the clutter.  This releases my mind to actually work on the inside of my cupboards.  Cleaning is psychological to me!  That's my mission statement- "When my house is clean- I smile!"  I smile anyway, but I really smile big when I walk into a room and it is CLEAN!  I know that I can bless my family by cleaning my home and that is my mission.  Some days I have to let things go, but I keep plugging on.


Christin @ Homemakers Challenge said...

Definitely don't get discouraged! Just keep plugging on forward. :) There really is no timetable here and the 31 Days to Clean posts will always be on the Homemakers Challenge site for encouragement, so feel free to go back to the day you need any time! :)

Christin @ Homemakers Challenge said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know you won the Reshaping It All giveaway!

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