Friday, September 23, 2011

HOMEmaker's Challenge (31 Days to Clean) Week #3

Homemakers Challenge

I usually save all of my cleaning and organizing for weekdays. Weekends are my down time and also things just don't stay clean.  I just have to live with some mess, although it's really hard!  I also have a good problem: my husband loves to do cooking projects in the kitchen.  Last week he picked 700 lbs of pears!  The other day he started his pear projects.  This makes for a very messy kitchen!  But we will have dried pears, pear juice, canned pears, pear sauce and pear fruit leather.  I can live with a messy kitchen for a few days!

So I'm changing my strategy because no matter how much I try to get the kitchen where I want it to be, it gets completely dismantled. So I will do low maintenance in that room for now.  However, every time I walk into my bedroom "sanctuary" I want to crawl through the roof.  It's a disaster.  So I'm going to focus on that room for awhile.  Whew, my perfection tendencies have me in a tizzy.  I know that if I get one room clean I can work on other areas.

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Dusty (To the Moon and Back) said...

Stopping by from the Homemakers Challenge link up! That is a LOT of pears! My inlaws have one pear tree in their yard and I love to get some and make pear sauce for the kids!