Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jessna is 4 months old!

You lookin at me!

Having a girl is so much fun!  I get to dress up my little doll everyday with the cutest clothes.  I feel like things are finally calming down and we are getting into a great routine.

Jessna at 4 months:
*eats every 3-4 hours, almost 30 oz a day
*takes 3-4 naps and sleeps about 6 hours straight at night
*holds head up at tummy time
*sits in a bumbo
*loves tickle/touching games
*smiles a lot
*adores big brother Shrade
*likes to watch people
*does not like to cuddle :(  (she prefers to face out)
*gets fussy if she is tired and has to be bounced, not rocked
*can turn 180 degrees on floor during tummy time
*has discovered her voice and it's loud!

Jessna's stats:
Height- 24.5 inches
Weight- 13 lb 11 oz

I never knew how different two babies can be.  Jessna is definitely a girl of routine.  Since I stopped nursing and started bottle feeding (the best choice I should have made long ago!), I have set Jessna up for a very good feed/wake/sleep schedule and she always eats and sleeps at the same time every day.  Wow!  The only thing is that I wish she would eat at 5:30am instead of 4:30am, but otherwise she goes back to sleep right away and will sleep until 9:30am.  However just a few weeks ago she slept from 10pm-8:30am, so maybe she's changing her sleep patterns to fit my sleep schedule.  Oh, and the best thing I like about bottle feeding is that I can look into my little girl's eyes and kiss her sweet head!

After I stopped nursing I started pumping and I could make most of Jessna's bottles, but it took a lot of time out of my day and my back and neck hurt.  As much as I want to save money (just got HUGE bills from the hospital), I know that I couldn't do the pumping forever and stay sane.  So I recently weaned myself from that.  That wasn't easy either.  However, life is flowing so much better and I'm having so much fun with my kids.  I can get out and enjoy life again and my little girl is to fun to play with.

Here is a glimpse of big brother at the same age: Shrade at 4 months

I have a question!

Try as I might, couldn't get this one rotated.  :(


Janet said...

Such a beautiful little girl! She looks like a feminine of Shrade! Glad that you are enjoying both kiddos now that you are more rested and the routine is settled in. You are such a good mama Shonda. Hugs, Janet

BethElderton said...

Awwwww! Look at those sweet baby cheeks!

Tiffanee said...

She is so beautiful and what fun and pricelss photos!!