Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jessna is 5 months old!

Jessna is now 5 months old and she's a chunky monkey!  She still fusses at times, but not nearly as much.  Daddy affectionately calls her "Goober Snort!"
Jessna and Daddy

Well, Sibling Love has struck both of my little ones.  Shrade just loves Jessna and is always asking when she will walk and talk.  He talks her and says, "Hi, little Jessna!"  in a very high pitched voice.  She grins from ear to ear.
My precious babies

Here is a recent video of Shrade "reading" to Jessna.  She doesn't smile, but she is completely enthralled with her brother.

I just love having two kids, but it's a lot more work and I don't get to do as much with either of them like I did with Shrade. So basically I do things with Shrade and Jessna tags along!
This looks fun!

This month:
*Jessna started playing in her exersaucer
*starting to reach for toys
*interacts with mommy, daddy and Shrade
*sleeps well
*eats a lot
*she definitely likes to watch people
*doing great in the nursery
*starting to put things in her mouth
*strong arms, strong legs
*lifts her head off the table while laying on back
*sleeps in big crib
*takes baths in big tub
Jessna and Mommy

Jessna's stats:
Height- 24 in
Weight- 14.5 lbs

Sitting in the rocking chair from Great Grandma Layne
Night, night!  This is exactly how I put her to sleep- wide eyed, swaddle with paci.

Just in case you are is Shrade at 5 months.

Next month we start purees!

Jessna is being dedicated at church on Saturday, October 22 at Lighthouse Christian Center in Puyallup, WA at 6:30 pm.  Come join us!


Jackie said...

She is beautiful! I looked at Shrade's 5 month photos...and they look a lot alike at 5 months!

Jackie S. said...

Such cute kids......know you are proud of them!! Blessings~~~