Friday, October 7, 2011

HOMEmaker's Challenge (31 Days to Clean) Week #5

Homemakers Challenge

I wish I could say that I'm doing the Mary and Martha tasks everyday, but I'm not.  In fact, some days I don't do anything.  But now that my back is better I have energy, motivation and goals.  My goals are to declutter.  I really can't clean until I've got space.  So I've done challenges every afternoon to declutter.  I also found this website where bloggers are doing 31 days of posts on different topics.  I chose a few that will help me in my quest.  Slowly, but surely I know I will get to approximately where I want to be!  :)

Here's the website with tons (about 650) of 31 Days to... posts:

The Nesting Place

Here are some I will be checking out:
*31 Days to Declutter
*31 Days to make Cleaning a Habit
*31 Days to a Cleaning Routine
* 31 Days to Get it Together

 These are just some that don't have to do with cleaning:
*31 Days to Impress Your Kids
*31 Days to be the person you want your child to be
*31 Days to being a better mama
*31 Days of Play
*31 Days to a Happy Home
*31 Days of Play for Toddlers

Anyone else in the cleaning mode?  Are my posts giving you some ideas?  Let me know.


Soaring Eagle said...

I also need to declutter big time.Not very motivated though. Thanks for those links that you posted. I'll have to check those out.

Claires Healthy Home said...

Thanks for the link shout out, Shonda. I am enjoying looking around your blog, too. Have a blessed day.