Friday, March 25, 2011

52 Weeks of organizing with The Organizing Junkie Week #12

Theme: Daily Maintenance

Through this journey of decluttering, I'm becoming more aware of how quickly things can pile up, so I am making it a point to clean up daily as I walk around my house.  So refreshing!

When I get a call from the local donation center that comes to my house to pick up my stuff, I go to the places where I have stashed things and start cleaning them out!  This week, it was my downstairs hall closet.  I'm glad there's a door because I cringe everytime I open it and throw something in.  I can't believe I do that, but I have so little space in my house and I don't like to see messes.  So anyway, I pulled everything out and put back what belongs in a neat way and boxed up the rest to give away!  I'm so pleased with the results!

UGH!  Before!

Stuff I pulled out!

Whoa!  Much better!

I'm smiling!

Now that I've had a chance to look at the the fun games we have in our closet I want to play some with my hubby after we put the little guy to bed. Date night/game night!

I'm hooked up with The Organizing Junkie!


Alexandra said...

Great job on the closet. I de-cluttered mine a while back and it made such a difference. Keep smiling.

Carol said...

It's amazing what we stuff in our closets. Yours looks great. happy Organizing!

Mary said...

My game closet is on my list coming up somewhere in the next couple of weeks. Your 'new' closet looks great!