Monday, June 21, 2010

Completing Him Challenge- Remembering my vows July 16, 2004

Under the arch in the Pt.Defiance Rose Garden.
Saying our vows
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Knowlton!!!
 I'm so happy, I just ate cake and we didn't smash each other's faces!

Our wedding was Friday, July 16, 2004 and it was the most beautiful day here in the Pacific Northwest.  We had our pictures taken in the Rose Garden at Pt. Defiance Park.  That was the first time Jeremy saw me in my wedding dress.
Our ceremony captured what was in our hearts.  We wrote our own vows and my friend Laura sang "I will be here" by Steven Curtis Chapman.  Both of my parents walked me down the aisle and I was ready to say "I do."

What I remember most was that we had breakfast that morning and just talked about joining our life together and later during the song at the ceremony we held hands and talked and I was trying not to cry, but I did.  Despite all the overwhelming tasks of preparing for a wedding, I was able to enjoy the day.

One thing that my husband and I have committed to never say is (divorce).  We vowed before God to be together no matter what so we don't even speak that word in our house- EVER!

Also, last week, I had a link up for LOVE stories and Shasta is the winner!!  She gets a $50 Gift card for  Shasta is also a good teacher friend that I worked with and has now moved away, but we still keep in touch by blogging and facebook.  Shasta's story is beautiful.  Check out her blog: Scripted by Shasta.


Jacque said...

Shonda - those are gorgeous pictures! That's so awesome that you were able to enjoy your wedding - so many people get caught up in it being a big event that they forget the reason they are there... to join as one for the rest of your lives.
Hope you have a great Monday!

Homemaker Honey said...

Wedding stories and pics are the best!

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Homemaker Honey

Theresa said...

Enjoyed your photos and story. The rose garden is beautiful.

Christine said...

Those are beautiful photos, thanks for sharing them.

Unknown said...

Love your wedding photos!

You two look so happy! It's also great when I still see those smiles years later!