Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My (un)Fashion Story

If there was anything that I thought I would never write about on this blog, it would be fashion.  Why?  Well, about 5 years ago (when I became a mom) my clothes took a nose dive.  Partly because I gained weight during pregnancy and became a stay at home mom instead of going back to work as a teacher.  Essentially, I got rid of ALL my teaching clothes because they did not fit or look right as well as they were impractical for my new job at home.  However, I never took back what I used to do as I was very precise at dressing for work.

Right now, I feel so unconfident about anything that I wear.  First, I want to look nice for my husband, but I also want to love what I wear.
Jeans and t-shirt (everyday look)

I have tried different ideas to improve my fashion.  Frumps to Pumps by Sarah Mae is a great little devotional that helped me to get dressed every day (score!), but did little to actually boost my fashion or style.  I still had the same old t-shirts and jeans look with little to no accessorizing.

Then I found Stitch Fix.  Yes, someone else to pick my clothes.  My first box arrived and I was not thrilled at all.  I chose to keep a black shirt which I can't even find in my closet any more.  I guess I didn't love it.

I have gone shopping and HATE it.  I can't find anything that looks good on me.
I love this top, but it doesn't look right on me.

My sister is probably my best bet in getting me stylized, but she lives far away and I don't get to see her often.

So basically, I'm left on my own to sluggishly pursue trying to dress well. 

Why do I want to do this?  Well, I'm going to 40 this year and I have found that when I dress in a way that enhances my features, I feel ready to take on the day!

Things I don't like about fashion:
*Not everything looks good on me
*What colors actually would look good on me?
*Do I wear patterns?
*How do I add accessories?

Yes, I pretty much am at a loss in how to dress.  I'm finally getting back to my original pre-pregnancy body and I'm ready for a new look. 
Um, I look a little uncomfortable here as well.

BUT, how and where do I start??

(I had a really hard time finding pictures of myself because I don't like them taken.)

Tune in later this week for what I have discovered to help me become my own beauty expert!!

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