Thursday, March 13, 2014

Becoming My Own Personal Beauty Expert- Dressing Your Truth

Do you remember when I told you that I HATE shopping?  Well, just the other day I went shopping with my color card and had an amazing time trying on clothes true to my type.  This has never happened before.  I would always second guess myself, but this time I was confident and could quickly identify what clothes were right for me and what were not.  Snap!!

Here is my color card and a very beautiful red shirt that I already had that I love that matches perfectly.

My next biggest step was taking everything out of my closet that didn't fit my type.  Here are 2 pictures.  Guess what I kept??

Needless to say, my Type 4 closet is pretty empty.  I'm good on pink and black shirts though!

I do love all the clothes in the above picture, but I'm going to give them a little rest for now and  honestly, I truly do choose the shirts in the lower picture on a more daily basis.

In the course for my Type 4 there are a series of videos:
*The 5 Elements: Design Line, Texture, Pattern, Fabrication and Pattern
*Hair- Cut, Color, Style, Curly Hair Tutorial
*Transformation Story

Carol Tuttle gives you a lot of confidence to discover your own unique style through your type.  She says, "You are your own authority.  We are here to guide and direct you to do what honors your true self."  She NEVER puts you down, but always builds you up.  She is sincere, genuine and very knowledgeable.  She employs many excellent women who have gone through transformation and look absolutely beautiful.  They share tips, tricks and so much other helpful information that is truly fascinating to watch.

Another great section of the course are all the Club Night recordings!  Basically, about 6 times a year they host a club night in their center in Utah.  They cover topics like scarves, hair styles, shoes, winter wear, refashioning, makeup and even exercise wear.  Each video features all 4 types with models in the back dressed as each type.  They often bring people up for the audience to remake them to truly bring out their type.  It's so fun to watch!!  I am getting tons of ideas.  They have been making videos since 2009 and have over 40 videos.  They have Hands On Events that dig deeper into your style with specific outfit ideas, jewelry, makeup tips and how to personalize your style. 

This program is not about making cookie cutter women, but about drawing you out to dress who you are!  I'm so excited to see how my transformation will go this year.  I'm giving myself time to do this.  I honestly have never been excited about anything like this before.

I hope that if you are really struggling in this area that you will take some time to watch the FREE Beauty Profiling Course. 

Here are some comments that have been made about Dressing Your Truth:

*I love the confidence it has given me and the peace that comes from the clarity of knowing who you are!
*I love how everything goes together.

Next time I will share about all the great support services that I have found through Dressing Your Truth as well as rewards that you can earn. 

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