Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dressing Your Truth Support Services and Rewards

I have shared a lot about Dressing Your Truth on my blog these past few weeks.  I am really enjoying this journey and I am learning something new everyday!  It's exciting and I see my confidence building and I have a sense of enjoyment getting ready each day.
So one of the first things they give you is a gift certificate for $10 to their online store.  What is really unique about the store is that after you have completed the Beauty Profiling Videos and have figured out your type, you can shop at the part of the store that exclusive for your type!  So I bought a black jacket and a black purse.  Since then I have bought a few more items that I'm waiting for to get in the mail.

Type 4 Buckle Up Handbag - $21.59Type 4 Track Jacket in Black - $29.97
So, I have had some questions that I needed answered about some of my orders and other things.  They have a great support staff and when I email them, I hear back within one day.

Another great support group is the Facebook page for Type 4.  It's fun to ask questions and many people post their Outfit of the Day.  Lots of great ideas floating around there.

Even though this is an online course, they make it very user friendly just like you are with them in person.  I took advantage of the Hair Support and got a Hair Consultation.  Like I said, I feel like I've fallen so far away from being fashionable that I needed HELP!  So I sent in pictures of me and some questions.  I received a 4 minute video with precise detailed instructions along with pictures to show my stylist as well as a 2 page note explaining different ways to style my hair using various products and exactly what to tell my stylist.  I took their advice and now I have a new haircut that I absolutely love!

As for REWARDS!!! 

Every time you shop at the Dressing Your Truth store you earn points.  You get 5 points for every dollar you spend and for every 1000 points you earn you get a $10 credit.

And when someone else purchases the Dressing Your Truth Course through your link you get reward points from that as well.

They show a running total of your points in the member center.  It's fun to see how much I need to earn to get my next reward!

And they also have several special's here and there.  I just got 20% off my last order due to St. Patrick's Day.

I'm still working on my "look," but I'm getting there!

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