Thursday, March 6, 2014

Discovering Dressing Your Truth- FREE Beauty Profiling Course

Last time I shared about my (un)fashion story!  Yikes, I knew I had sunk down a little far from where I thought I would be now that I'm closing in on 40.

About a month ago, I was surfing Facebook and saw this page that a few of my friends liked called Dressing Your Truth.  I loved the title and was interested.  So I hoped over to the website and signed up for the free Beauty Profiling Course.

What is the Beauty Profiling Course?  Carol Tuttle has created an amazing series of videos to share her thoughts about how our inner energies are portrayed in how we dress.  Now, it might sound a little mystic, but Carol is very articulate about typing each different energy.  As you watch these videos you will start to understand just where you fit in.  Even before I had finished the second video, I knew I wanted to take the complete Dressing Your Truth Course.  It was on sale so I signed up!!

What is the Dressing Your Truth course?  It is a complete course that teaches you how to become your own beauty expert.  When you figure out your energy type, then you learn about all colors, patterns, styles, makeup, hairstyles and other accessories that you wear that all magnify your inner beauty. 

The course includes: Discover Your Type of Beauty by Carol Tuttle, a full 3 hour course for your specific beauty type, a color card with a customized style guide, membership to a vast array of videos that are SO fun to watch and learn from, support team that you can email anytime, online hairstyle and wardrobe galleries and an exclusive store to shop for just your type of beauty (and a $10 gift card to use in the store)!  I am still discovering all the gems included in my course.

I was very pleased with all that has been offered by Carol and her team.  I have never seen anything like this system, but I am so glad I have found it now!!

What do you think?  Is Dressing Your Truth something you want to look into?  I suggest you take the FREE Beauty Profiling Course and find out for yourself.  There is absolutely no obligation to buy.

I have more to share next week about my personal beauty transformation that is happening right now!

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