Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Choosing My Course- Dressing Your Truth

Were you able to sign up for the FREE Beauty Profiling Course?  I hope you did and are enjoying it.  It's just part of Becoming Your Own Beauty Expert.

So after I took the Beauty Profiling Course and read Carol Tuttle's book Discovering Your Personal Beauty Profile, I figured out what Type I was.  There are 4 types, each with their own unique descriptions.

I am Type 4- Bold and Striking!  Even as I was watching the videos and reading the book I was drawn to many of the words that described me.

Did you know that dressing who you are makes people look at you in certain way?  If you wear a really bright color and your hair is done up in a cute style, people might assume you are happy and peppy, but you may be quiet and shy.  Honestly, it doesn't matter what you wear as long as you feel good in it.  But with Carol's great tips and advice, you might see yourself in a different light.

I always wondered why I couldn't be as outgoing or loud or confident or graceful.  That's because that is not really me.  I tried to dress like those things.  But I know that I am quiet, still, conservative, reflective, serious, strong and independent.  That's who I am and that's how I can dress.

Each type of beauty has a specific color combination as well as tips about pattern, style, jewelry, hair and other accessories.  When I watched the Dressing Your Truth Course, I wasn't immediately drawn to everything, but I could certainly make my own style.  I absolutely LOVED the colors.

So what type do you think you are?  Just watch the FREE videos in the Beauty Profiling Course.

And if you are interested, you can sign up for the complete Dressing Your Truth Course for your specific type.  There is SO much great information that I will share in my next blog post about what is included in your course.

In the meantime, comment and tell me about your fashion story and anything that has helped you!

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