Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello Mornings! Register now for Fall (Aug 20-Nov 16)


A few years ago, I came upon Passionate Homemaking and she recommended this free ebook called Maximize Your Mornings.  I quickly downloaded it and perused it.  I am a morning person, but I wasn't prepared to fit in Quiet time, Exercise and Planning every morning!  But WAIT, that is exactly what I needed to do in order to have a smooth running day.  Hmm, well, I joined the challenge last fall with a group, but I wasn't entirely motivated since my group was formed last minute and no one really took a great lead.  Then I decided to try again in January and I was placed in a great group that I have been with since then.  I am encouraged everyday to get up, spend time with God, exercise, plan and let God lead and guide me.  My group is so encouraging and I don't do The Big Three everyday, but sometimes I don't have to get it all done in the morning even though that is ideal.  So, if you are interested in being encouraged in maximizing your mornings, join HELLO MORNINGS and you will definitely draw closer to God, take care of yourself and make a good plan to have a fabulous day with your family! 

Open enrollment begins now and the challenge starts August 20.  There is also a free Bible study that goes along with the challenge- 1 Peter.  All of this info will be given soon.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this challenge and I feel so much more accomplished everyday and free to do more fun things!

He Is What You Need

There is nothing special about the Challenge, we are just a community of women pursuing God each morning. But there is nothing in this world that has the power to transform your life like consistent time with God. He made you, He knows you, He has better plans for you than you can imagine. He wants you to know He loves you and that His Grace is sufficient for everything you face.
Is there a better way to start your day? Head on over to the HelloMornings section and register today!

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