Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Women Living Well Wednesday: Be My Valentine Challenge

Well, my husband is just loving my "sneaky" ways of praising him!  I left a note on his steering wheel and I left a message on the mirror (To the Man in the Mirror...).  He jokes and says that some beautiful woman is "stalking" him.  So cute!

This week we are challenged to be pursue intimacy.  I'm so bummed right now because I have a cough and we haven't kissed for a while, but I hope to get better soon.  We just went to a seminar called Sexy Christians.  One thing I learned to is to have daily connection with your husband whether it be physical (hug, kiss) or emotional (talking, sharing, spiritual growth, prayer).  We do those things, but I know I can always give more.  I'll continue my little "sneaky" ways of praising him and throw in some other fun things.

How can you bless your husband today?  :)

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