Monday, January 31, 2011

CSN stores Review

Household Essential Paper Rope Baskets
Recently I was offered to review some great products from CSN stores.  I absolutely love their selection of products and since I'm into organizing right now I chose these Household Essential Paper Rope Baskets.  These little baskets are lightweight, but strong to hold both heavy and light items.  I used the smallest one for sorting my bills and mail.  The medium one is for books that I'm reading that I want to keep handy and the largest one is for all my blogging and teaching ideas.  This has really cut down on the clutter that I had with piles all over my kitchen and dining room.  These little baskets are very esthetically pleasing and they take up very little room.  I would recommend these for anyone who wants to get rid of some paper clutter and free up space on their counter!
Kidz Delight Silly Sam Broom & Dustpan

I also chose the Kidz Delight Silly Sam Broom & Dustpan because my 2 year old son is really into wanting to help mama clean. This little broom set is extra special because the Silly Sam broom speaks when it is being used!  It sings, laughs and has funny sayings.  My son was so fascinated with the broom that he forgot that he was actually sweeping!  The broom comes with an adjustable handle and the cute faces on the broom and dustpan are sure to get any kid excited about sweeping.

What I really love about CSN is the great customer service and fast shipping.  They send an email when they have shipped the product and when to expect it.  Also, if there is a backorder, they let you know right away.  CSN stores also has excellent prices and many of their products are on sale too.

Check out CSN stores today!

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