Friday, January 28, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing with Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie

As many of you know I've decided to organize my home in preparation for our baby coming in May.  I love to clean and because of this challenge I have made some great progress in getting this house back into shape!

Questions for the comments:
1. Were you able to tackle one of your piles last week?
     So I tackled a few piles that were not on my list.  I have a few boxes under my coffee table that collect stuff.  Cleaned those out!  Yesterday I tackled a one day project- my dining room hutch.  I felt so accomplished getting a job done quickly.

2. Did you have to make some tough choices?
     I still have a lot to do in some areas of my house and finding new places to store things.  I am not really following my schedule as I planned, but I am making progress. 

So here are some before and after pictures:
Laundry room area- BEFORE (yikes!)

Guest room closet- BEFORE (ugh!)
I took it all out!

What a mess!

This room will actually become my son's new room so I have to take everything out of that closet eventually, but now it's way less and better organized.  I can just move my knitting instead of all the other stuff!
AFTER- ah, much better!

Dining Room Hutch- BEFORE (clutter city!)

AFTER- great improvement
OK, so I'm so happy with my progress.  I have a few more areas that I started on and haven't finished so I'll work on them this week so I can "catch up" for the 52 weeks!  Have a great day cleaning!


Alison @ Hospitality Haven said...

Well done!!!!

allysgrandma said...

The hutch looks great!

Carol said...

Awsome! Love your hutch. Happy Organizing!