Friday, February 11, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing with The Organizing Junkie Week #6

This week was full of ups and downs in my schedule, but I managed to get some things done.

Questions to ponder this week:
1.  What did you accomplish this week on your 52 weeks list?
      I was able to clean off a shelf that has been bugging me.  I actually am going to replace what was on there with my teaching things, so I haven't taken a picture this week.  I put everything that was on the bookshelf in a box (it's really heavy)  or recycled.  

2.  Have you had a negative conversation check with yourself lately?
     I am trying to put on a happy face whenever I have to clean because I know that when I'm done I'm really happy!

3.  Are you beginning to see new habits developing yet?
      I can see that I'm picking up clutter faster and not letting things pile up.  I'm walking around my house admiring all my newly cleaned spaces and I LOVE it!  I'm able to relax more and not obsess about all the junk that I was looking at because it's not there.  :)

I hope to get some more pictures up next week!  Progress!  What are you cleaning?

I'm hooked up with Laura The Organizing Junkie!

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