Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Women in the Word Wednesday: James

I have really been enjoying my SOAP Bible study from the Book of James through Good Morning Girls.  I kept seeing posts on Courtney's blog last winter about Good Morning Girls and I finally was able to to be a part of a group that started in January.  I also was introduced to the SOAP Bible study method which has been so beneficial for me to really see what God's Word says and how to apply it to my everyday life.  I also get a chance to be accountable with my GMG group on Facebook each day as we discuss what we learn, challenge each other and share prayer requests.

I'm going to backtrack a little bit since I haven't posted about my James study yet.
Here is what I learned in Week #1- James 1:1-11 (Key words in capitals)
*I am God's servant.
*Approach trials with PURE JOY
*I need to PERSEVERE in daily tasks
*When asking for wisdom- BELIEVE
*God does not promise anything to a doubter
*We find true wealth by developing spiritually (found in NLT Bible notes)

Whew!  God expects a lot from his children and I'm so glad He's there every step of the way.  I love writing in my SOAP journal because I can look back and review the wonderful lessons God is teaching me.  I am going through some trials, but I know I need to believe and not doubt and approach these with pure joy.  My whole perspective has changed as I navigate in this life.

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