Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Women in the Word Wednesday- James 1:12-27

I'm so thrilled with this James Bible study that I'm doing with my Good Morning Girls!  I know I'm a bit behind in posting, so I'm trying to catch up here.

So here is what I learned in the last half of James 1:
*I am responsible for my actions when tempted.
*I must be on my guard to not let desire for sin to be conceived.
*Keep my eyes focused on God so I will not be deceived.
*QUICK to listen, SLOW to speak and anger.
*What evil do I need to get rid of?
*Listen and DO God's word.

What has God been teaching you?  I would love to hear!

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Susan Evans said...

"I am responsible for my actions when tempted." I used to feel that if I was tempted, I had already sinned. But then I realized that Jesus was tempted, too. So all I had to do was throw out the temptation. I guess this realization gave me more power to overcome temptation.