Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday: Cleaning Sponges

Hey, here's a quick kitchen tip that I do.  So, you need to keep your sponges clean.  Here's my no think/quick solution that will keep a clean sponge at your sink.

1. Start with 2 sponges
2. One sponge is at the sink, one sponge is in the dishwasher
3. Fill up the dishwasher, run it and empty
4.  When you empty the dishwasher, replace your sponge with the one you washed with the one at the sink
5. Ta-da

This idea is so quick I can't believe it.  When you get tired of your sponges, just cut them up and let the kids use them for painting!

Coming up on Knowlton Nest:
1. Recipes- I took a break, but I've been cooking and now I'll be more regular about sharing
2. Works for Me Wednesdays will be featuring some healthy choices that I have made and also some giveaways

Stay tuned!

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