Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday: "Green" Dishwasher Detergent

Well, I've been looking for some "green" cleaning options and I stumbled on Green Clean Chic through one of my blogging buddies, Holly.  I was so impressed with the products and I ordered the green clean kit which came with 4 essential oils and one biodegradable cleanser.  I immediately started using the products and my house smelled so good and clean!  Well, I wanted to see what else I could replace in my cleaning.  I consulted Holly and also found a good recipe in Super Baby Food (which I HIGHLY recommend, not just for baby food!).  Mix equal parts Borax and Baking soda and add a few drops of lemon essential oil from Green Clean Chic and you have your new "green" dishwasher detergent.  Add 1 T of this mix to the open compartment and 1 T to the closed compartment in your dishwasher.  So I tried it and it works!

PS.  Check out my other "green" cleaning posts.


Kite Koop said...

Hi Shonda. Thanks for this post. I, too, am looking for doing some other greener options for cleaning. I've cleaned a lot with vinegar and baking soda, but am tired of the smell of vinegar. Maybe this will be much better. Have you ever tried 7th Generation (I saw that you had an ad for it)? Just wondering if it's worth it. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm following you (I noticed you had few followers, like me, so I am happy to help in that department!) and hope you come back to mine soon! And consider even having a guest post on my Village of Moms blog!


P.S. I also saw that you participate in Gratituesday..Heavenly Homemaker's Laura is my friend and "neighbor." We go to church and small group together!

Patty said...

Thanks for the link. I dropped over and took a look. I might try the green clean kit also. I do use borax and baking soda sometimes already for the dishwasher. The oil would probably add a wonderful scent.

Christine (iDreamofClean) said...

Hey! I'm just following up on people who visited my blog during the UBP and I'm so glad I found you! I'm all about cleaning...and learning more and more about green cleaning! I'm going to read the rest of your posts about it. I'd love for you to link up to my Real Clean Wednesday sometime!

Unknown said...

I so need to be better about this! I am doing a review for a green company soon and I hope I like them. But I've often heard that there are lots of ways to make your own safer cleaning supplies. I should google and learn more.