Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gratituesday: Books!

Can I just say I absolutely LOVE books and I cannot live without them!  Here are just a few that are on my current reading list.  OK, I have an obsession with books.  First, as you can see I can't just only read one book at a time.  Also, I go to the library every week not only for books for me, but also for my son.  I really like to smell books too.  I know that's weird.  It's very homey to me.  But what I love most about books is getting LOST in the story.  I will brag about books that are page turners for me.

Are you a book lover like me?  Love to hear from you!

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Patty said...

Some of the books in your picture are on my bookshelves also. Some in my family might say I need fewer books. NOT! I just need more book shelves. Yes, I love books and love to read.

Have a great day.

Martianne said...

Books are my blessing and my downfall, at times, too. I have sooo many piles of them on to-read and to-be-read lists that I find I get distracted from other tasks too easily at times. Still, I treasure them. :)

Unknown said...

Hadn't heard of this blog carnival, love the concept will have to check it out. I think I may have to check it out. I am with you, books are something I am definitely grateful for! I am a total book worm and have been my whole life. My first job was even at Barnes and Noble because I wanted to be around them.