Monday, April 12, 2010

Prolific Blogger Award! I was awarded!

I want to thank Hallee who awarded me with my first blog award! Wow! I was very excited to see my name on her list of 7 blogs that she gave awards to. The details of this award can be found here.

I met Hallee the Homemaker through one of my Gratituesday posts and I continued to browse her blog. I noticed that Hallee is an authentic Christian woman who loves God, her husband and children. She strives to impart wisdom and knowledge as well as great opportunities to improve your life as mom and wife.

I again thank Hallee for giving me this Prolific Blogger Award. I was very surprised, yet honored. I can now pass it on to my favorite blogs:

1. Chic Crafty Chick- my high school friend Shelly
2. Mommy of Faith 19- my new blogging FB friend Holly
3. Inspired Homemaking- a new mom-to-be blogger Emily
4. My Brazilian Life- my new blogging friend Michele
5. Hospitality Haven- my wonderful blogging FB friend Alison
6. Scripted by Shasta- my teacher friend Shasta
7. Newlyweds- mom of twins, Sweet Pea

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