Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Non-Mayhem: My plan

Wow, I had such a fun week at the Ultimate Blog Party sponsored by 5 Minutes for Mom.  I have met so many new blogging buddies.  Thanks for coming to visit Knowlton Nest.  I look forward to getting to know you better and learn new ideas from all of you.

OK, so I've been lacking in some areas, so I have made a plan of things I want to accomplish for the rest of 2010.  I will be blogging about my adventures so keep me accountable!

Here are my areas to conquer:
*Knitting- finish projects and start some new ones
*Sewing- I have a purse I really want to make
*Attic-  what a mess, I need to organize all my school and baby things
*Reading- lots of book to read
*Math class-  I am working on getting credits for my teaching certificate
*Plans for teaching Shrade- I'll be looking at several fun websites and books and documenting everything on Milk N' Honey
*Playing piano-  My son loves music and it's my first love
*Organize my home and clean- I'm going to try a new way and see if I can get some more done by I Dream of Clean
*Call family and friends more often
*Plan great dates with my husband
*Be more intentional in my workouts- I did lose 20 lbs last year of baby weight!
*Continue to keep on track with cooking and also try new recipes that I find
*Make a blogging calendar!

So, it looks a bit daunting, but I will do it!

How do you keep non-mayhem?  Let me know and have a great day!  Blessings, Shonda


Patty said...

Remembering that I can't do it all at once helps keep the mayhem at bay. I hope you get to conquer that list. I especially like the "be more intentional" thought.

Tarasview said...

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