Friday, January 15, 2010

"God's Nuggets" (What God is teaching You & Me)

Where did I get "God's Nuggets?"

Last Fall I went to a Woman's Retreat at our church which really challenged me to be God's witness in everyday situations. Gloria shared about how to give your personal story through "God nuggets." So I will be sharing "God's Nuggets" every week here about what God is teaching me. But I also want to hear what God is teaching you too!

This week I started a Bible study from Beth Moore called A Woman's Heart. I know these next 10 weeks are going to be life changing. I think what stood out most to me this week was the the simple prayer that Beth encouraged us to pray before every lesson we did:

"Lord Jesus, open my mind so I can understand the Scriptures."

I am going to be very personal right now. Beth also asked us where this study finds us in our exact season of life. Here's my answer: I am a young mother and wife who seeks to live a godly life as an example to my family and friends. I want to know and do God's purpose for me. I want to see God at a deeper level and give of myself on a deeper level to God.

What has God been teaching you? Are you ready to grow? :)

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Patti said...

Shonda, Thanks for starting God's Nuggets! It will be a blessing to you and to many who stop by. Your "getting personal" at the end gives me a really great picture of "who" you are. Thank you for loving Jesus, Patti