Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Non-mayhem: Monthly Habits

So last week we talked about Zone Cleaning. The Zone for this week is the Kitchen. Click here for a Sneak Peek of the missions for this week.

This week we will focus on Monthly Habits. So now that it is January, the first task is to Shine Your Sink. This is a great habit to start and keep doing every day.

First, you need to Shine Your Sink with the Flylady method. I try to do this once a month, but otherwise I make sure that my sink is clean before I go to bed, so the next morning I don't have to do dishes. This is one of the basic habits that Flylady recommends.

So what habit do you have everyday that makes your day start off with a smile? :)

Have fun Shining Your Sink! Right behind ya!

Next week: Control Journals...

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