Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My firstborn is 5! (Well, 5.5 now!)

I usually post on my children's birthday, but I can't believe I missed this one so now my son is 5.5 years old.  Here is his 5 year old letter and pictures.
Dear Shrade,                                                                                          11/27/13

I can’t believe you are 5 years old today!  I remember when I first found out I was pregnant with you that I was already thinking about you when you would be 5 years old since that is the age of students I had.  On the day you were born I was so excited for you to come and I was pretty nervous.  In the last several years I have watched you grow into a creative big boy.

This year you were able to do so many new things.  You started reading in January, but really started with more confidence just this past month.  You went camping with daddy on the 4th of July and went hiking in the mountains.  You went to Day Camp for a week and VBS for a week.  You had a blast with your cousins in Bend for our family reunion.  You also rode on the Amtrak train with Grandma Linda.

One really exciting thing for me was starting Homeschool PreK with you.  You actually didn’t want to.  You wanted to go to “school.”  But I tried to make it fun.  I am amazed at how much you have learned- writing your name, drawing, more cutting and gluing and reading.  I see you learning new things everyday and I’m so proud of you.

You absolutely adore your little sister and want to play with her all the time, chase her and copy her.  You still have strong emotions, cry a lot and sorry to say, you still suck your food, but chew apart water bottle straws.

You love working with daddy, playing in the garden, cutting paper, drawing, spinning in circles, Cubbies and playing at the park.  You always want to go somewhere.

What I love most is that you still want to cuddle with mama!  I love you, buddy!  Love, Mommy

Organizing shoes

Making cookies with mom

Elephant from Cubbies on our cabin trip

Drawing people for the first time

Camping with grandma and grandpa

His babysitter

"Making" breakfast

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