Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lifestyle Medicine

Hi Friends- I love going to visit my sister and brother in law.  They always give me so many things to think about in regards to my health.  Both of them eat special gluten free, dairy free and sugar free.  Yikes!  I eat all that, but I wonder what would happen if I cut out some of that stuff.

My brother in law is a doctor with a  passion for helping people learn to take care of their bodies by what they eat and how they live rather than poking them with a needle or giving them a drug.  He has started writing a monthly newsletter with great topics.  Be sure to subscribe HERE

Not only that, whenever we visit, they make fabulous food for us.  I never imagine when you strip away all of that, there is another world of possibilities.  I really want to move our eating habits to mirror more of what they do.  

For breakfast they made this yummy sweet potato hash from Nom Nom Paleo.

For a dessert they made this crust (from Nouveau Raw) and used it as a topping over strawberries with a yummy whipped coconut topping (found in Nom Nom Paleo's new cookbook).

And be sure to follow Dr. Wagner's Lifestyle Medicine News to Use Facebook page.  I was talking to him on our visit and he's planning some great new ideas to add to his platform.  I look forward to all he has to share.

Also, here are some books he recommended to me that I put on hold at the library:
*Eating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson

*Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation by Michael Pollan

Happy Eating!!

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