Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kaptured by Koren Photo Shoot

In January, I went to visit my sister (professional photographer- Kaptured by Koren) for a few days.  Thankfully, the one day we got out, she was able to catch a few cute pictures of me and the kids.  She has such an eye for capturing special moments.  We even tried to get pictures of all our kids together and us.  Enjoy!

My sister even joked that all of these kids could be in one family with the age spread!  Yikes!

The Cousins- Jordan (2), Reagan (6), Shrade (3), Ethan (8), Jessna (8 mo)

Sisters with Kids!

My precious babies

My little girl

Having fun!

Big brother with little sis

If you are in the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA area, Kaptured by Koren is the photographer you want!  Please check out her blog and encourage her.  She posts tons of great photos.  She also has a Facebook page.

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Alison said...

Great pictures!